Sitting Near

Sitting, here

I often came, to see

how nothing changes

oh how it does

a clear flame as it moves revealing rainbows facets & hues amidst warm falling dew bringing news to a tune


Swans lost far gone along the way of todays

I say


Proofs Going Poof

I had to do nothing special

I was a fool who jumped at it

it is mercy, mercy you see

feeling freeing sin in the sun of the one in the none

those of the line remain floating glowing going nowhere waiting never fading radiating unenslaving but no not saving

Nothing is saved he said to the dead

For you everything Is I am here as are we all for this is people’s lands who is everyone so rejoice when you hear this

Nothing can be lost as nothing is not

As cold to hot

Pop to dot

Seers to zoos

Drifting… views unskewed unscrews the tubes which fuse to a


Crossing The Line And Gone So

You know it’s not true, rather

It is… it really doesn’t matter how — you get nothing, only…

If you can, touch it just let it go and fall burning to the ground

dug up from mad gone phones the cabinets all open and closed the windows froze radiators breathe wires seethe falling rot teeth thieves of the inner sleeves

Leaping alone no inside no I didn’t know I didn’t imagine anything could be as it is so this is real what I did I find proof in the changing booths jumping off roofs onto pools of new rules

no explanations is how we do it those are only for you and me snakes walk backward flashing the hive zones though, interrupt me back to this I can’t make it… home

what a, sorrow no tomorrows gone fallow

After you, nothing— really matter anymore

But all of you— don’t tell… don’t sell, it’s a well swirling is all it does it’s all swell it needs to like all of us so we call it just such

A suchness has no goal posts no failures only The Master sends all reality so we slide in circles around and approach a formless kind in unforeseeable awe and oh my god it’s all true my…. my. Mercy please — yes… they send it

in beams it seems

Let me go to it for all one last time

A raft thrown ashore, the shore is in shambles and ramshackle fun sun Ray’s play in a way I could never see before

From a clear view which reveals nothing new no energy now flows all is time slices staggered & stunning The Master comes once a soul aeon

So no it doesn’t matter for you or anyone else if you see you must listen and watch all the movements and the words and the touches the people and the trees feeling dark crested murmuring seas drinking tea anew mornings rhythms

I said well what can it be….

Scuse me

Nope Dope Dip Ship Whips

It’s not… how… I… thought

it is not — what I thought it,



— shhh wou ld, be

Alike remembering before being

perceptor caves

dripping voids circular insides

anubis nodes modes slow gas bays explode ghosts falling down splash no sounds don’t expound the town’s clown frown never pound this is found

The proud the promised the skeptic is septic brain skipping tips I caught myself on the slip ships skip zip no jips counterclockwise turning hips implode sits nothing shuts flicking butts zen putts

Pass the cups, and the smokes never chokes always copes

Ah, ya nope…

N Cors

somehow something came along after a long time how long is no such matters

A hatter, sat on Saturn taciturn platters the walls bleed green lanterns gas seeping feelings deep reeds bundling forests light evenings chorus on the lake screamed by a passing rake no fakes meet me at home for my dates enslaved by raves dawning days of the rays that play on the way sinking late

Out of order honors bore tore soar score door nor floor poor for —


So so folds

Smoked all over, rovers

Rivers voicing choices endure the sure I can’t do

nothing what you like me too, who who what happened to my shoes, my jackets are floating around in suspension bubbles —- crawling through rubble no troubles roll doubles unfolding untold, cold

Fall angles entangle shrinking shadows that call me curious The passing stranger waves extol

Nothing or something I rest melting slow

So so


Clear Darkness Cubed Red

Here, time is the only that really matters

How so?

Never force something

If you can help it…

What can be forced, using force I am forced to things and so deaths webs returning carousel heads speaking lead

How do I force myself upon this earth blanket with stars circling over my exasperate moans quickly it sharpens the glittering spires plunging slow to the ocean falling sky of autumns crush the leaves heal hail the rising ground

There are no can be no but shall be

However, just wait…

It will — come back…

As evergreen tales by my new fire places floating so softly on moon breezes

Let’s go find time to let go find times together before the orange flowing glows melting all desire

Flying minds of beauty release weaving time red & green ribbons as we ascend in somersaulting hypnotic motions through clear darkness glass cubes red lining tubes reality fuse

Ya dude

Everyday Tales Of Z Magi

Eternity— experience ses to the…

West, fear the approach the nest the list

You wish….

fit, perceiving a hole now untold the v zones

Tied to a pole to keep the soul INTACT, no facts

Making the bed

Sweeping the floor

Leaning, on the walls

sitting a nothing citizen solar sail fel tale



The Bright & Dark Dream Face I Saw

When I’m alone I go into the awesome, the grand show of dark & light

With people I am bright, welcoming, quiet, comforting, and accommodating

I am a natural actor, but I am not pretending… only acting as this, which is all true my brothers, I love it, and so all of you.

I have seen, and so do not fear my brother fellow man no matter what the master the master the master creates all reality realities I only crosses them my friends there is no such, such that there is I is

This is bliss but the kind which grows and turns and burns and recedes and bleeds and reforms and is torn and tossed and costs us

Keeping amulets so smooth rocks looking for the docks an empty place a fair face a spinning gaze no more craze I need to go I am

Lazeye faded….


Meditating To The Avalon Fairs


Of sorts,.I considered that

I felt so…

If, I don’t know why

I was off —

Somewhere else

And my wife should come

To touch me

I might stun a gasping tear

some kind of unknown fear

Alike the seer to the sun

No one to none

Everyone to some

My times

To be and to be done

Alone & enthroned

Upon a triangle moving far fair

Silvering spears dripping with stars touch the zooming zones to the ringing of phones the grinding of bones the zen trumpets blow


No… no. I don’t know where to go

Sometimes sometime the lines the wine the fine the blind the hidden the wasted the ghost of the posts

Never lost here now brings forth new Avalon trees and billowing tents filled with wonders and smiles and a million ways to dare away your cares

See you there at the fair you may notice some stares